Nail Salon Furniture – Essential Equipment and Supplies For Your Business

A nail salon is one specializing in nail arts, manicure, pedicure, and some services that are also offered in ordinary salons. These salons usually have skilled technicians or artists who are always ready to make your nails as their canvass for their latest masterpieces. The special services in a nail salon like any other salons also require a set of special nail salon furniture. With the high rising prices of furniture, smaller nail salons can’t afford to buy the original brand new furniture, equipment and supplies from prominent manufacturers. Thanks to the availability of the same products that are offered in a slightly used condition, the starters and the smaller salons can have the same furniture that is supposedly only available in the bigger salons afforded by salon owners.

Well-conditioned chairs and special tables for use in doing manicure or pedicure comfortably are very important in a nail salon. This equipment does not only give extra comfort to their customers but also to the technicians performing the pedicure service. These tables have a special armrest and a drawer for organizing the nail styling tools and equipment. Special manicure tables can reach up to $200 or even more depending on the designs and material used in its construction. A brand new Belvedere table with an attached lamp for better lighting while doing the nail styling is available for around $199. The same table can cost half its price when you buy in a second hand condition. Other tables from manufacturers also cost a bit less, especially the used tables that can still offer the same performance as the new ones.

The important furniture inside a nail salon include pedicure chairs both for the pedicure artist and the client, manicure tables, reception tables, and several others as permitted by the space inside. If you are just at the state of planning a new nail salon business then you must find out first if there is still second hand furniture available for it. Nail salon furniture is something you must have first before you can open up a nail salon business. You must not dream of having a complete set of furniture inside your salon if you wish to buy brand new furniture. Brand new furniture and furnishings are only for those who have enough funds to start up a large and sophisticated salon, otherwise consider picking up used furniture.

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